What to Expect

If you're not familiar with upper cervical chiropractic treatment, here is a quick overview of what you can expect!

1. Consultation

You will find that we love to partner with you on your health related goals.

During your consultation, Dr. Hilpisch will discuss your unique health journey and see if Hilpisch UC Health Center can be a solution for you.

2. Infrared Thermography

Our goal at Hilpisch UC Health Center is optimal nerve system performance. We use para-spinal skin temperature to evaluate the status of your nerve system and how well it is functioning. This incredibly valid test helps us know if you are a good fit for upper cervical specific!

3. Structural Assessment

When you have less than optimal performance of your nervous system, your body’s structure will begin to transform to a state of imbalance. This will manifest as changes in your posture. We monitor these changes throughout care as your body restores balance.

4. X-rays

If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.

The Blair technique and its x-ray analysis are a window into the health of your spine. We use these films to evaluate the exact misalignment of your UC spine so we know exactly how to deliver your unique adjustment.

This is critical to ensuring you receive the right adjustment in the right place.

5. Adjustment

After gathering all the data in steps 1-5, Dr. Hilpisch will deliver your specific UC adjustment when clinically necessary to restore optimal function and balance to your nervous system.

After your adjustment, you will have a 20 minute rest period in our zero gravity chairs to help your body adapt to your adjustment and allow you to hold your adjustment for extended periods of time.

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