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Every human body performs at a higher level when the upper neck is aligned.

Dr Hilpisch is a member of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society where he has served as the Committee Chairman of the Annual Blair Society Conference. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2003 and was elected as President of the Blair Society by the Board of Directors in 2005 served as president for an unprecedented 3 years.

Chiropractic is an Essential Healthcare Service during the Shelter in Place order.

To All of our Patients: 
According to the legal order it states that visiting a health care professional is considered an essential task which means it is allowed. That being said, we want to ask that anyone exhibiting symptoms of being sick, or if you fall into the category of having a pre-existing condition that puts you at a higher risk of getting the virus to stay home until the shelter in place order is lifted. For everyone's protection, all surfaces of the adjusting tables, graphing chair face support and handles of that chair, hand rails in the adjusting room and door knobs are being wiped down between every patient. We have the circulating fan of the heating and air conditioning unit running at all times to keep the air moving. 

We have left all scheduled appointments in place. If you want to schedule or re-schedule an appointment, we do ask that you call the office so that we can know how to plan for each day. 

At present there are no drugs, natural remedies or alternative therapies that have been tested and reviewed to meet any evidence-based standard for the treatment of this virus. We do each have to seek our own pathways to health and well-being. For millions of Americans, that pathway includes regular chiropractic care. We all wish all of you the very best of health during this challenging time. 

What's all the excitement about?

We recently polled our most satisfied practice members to find out why so many of them have made our services part of their healthier lifestyle. Among the many positive changes since beginning care, they commonly report better performance on the job and in the gym, a higher flow of energy, more relaxed and less tense, sleeping more soundly and a comfort in their body that they haven't experienced in years. All of this while experiencing fewer sick days for them and their families. Chances are, if you took the time to read this, you are working toward a higher level of health yourself.


Dr. John Hilpisch and Dr. Frances Culbertson have been serving health conscious families in the Twin Cities since 1987. In a quest to provide superior service to their clients, they have trained extensively across the nation to successfully master an analysis and correction system known as the Blair Upper Cervical Specific Technique. They are the only certified Blair doctors in Minnesota. Due to growing demand for specific chiropractic adjustments, Upper Cervical (the top of the spine) care is in high demand. At the present time there are less than 100 Blair doctors worldwide but due to the efforts of the Blair Society, the number of trained chiropractors is increasing. The Blair Technique takes in consideration that no two human spines are exactly the same and thus a specific, different correction for each person is necessary. With the use of an x-ray system, unlike any in the world, the "Blair Chiropractor" can give a custom designed adjustment for each individual. The result? A procedure safe for all ages (infants to seniors), void of the common twisting and popping sounds typically associated with chiropractic adjustments. Many of our members told us that before coming to see us they wasted time going form doctor to doctor, wasted money on medication, and every day that passed, realized they were no closer to health than when they started. Our clients boast of superior long term results with fewer trips to our office. This form of care succeeds where other standard techniques fail.

The Class That Could Change Your Life

drjohn class

Hilpisch Upper Cervical Chiropractic is both a wellness and a learning center. Dr. Hilpisch gives a free 45 minute, interactive presentation where he explains the dramatic and life changing effects that Upper Cervical care has provided his patients. You too will understand how simple it is to take control of your health and the health of you family. This class has the ability to change the way you look at health forever. It has for others. Call now, reserve a seat, and decide for yourself.

At Hilpisch Chiropractic we believe in the simple principle that the body was designed by God to function properly. Bones of the spine can misalign because of trauma and other stresses. This will cause a short circuit in the nerves communication the vital messages between the brain and body. This condition is known as a vertebral subluxation and weakens our health.

Call now to reserve a seat: 651-748-5731

Upcoming classes:

Saturday April 18 @ 11AM

Wednesday May 6 @ 6PM

Saturday May 30 @ 11AM

This problem often starts in childhood and progresses undetected throughout a person's lifetime. We pride ourselves on the personal attention and education we give to each of our practice members. We have the calm confidence that, given time, a positive mental attitude, and a healthy nerve flow, the body will improve. We love to work with people who are interested in reaching their full health potential.