November 22

Secondary Infertility- Natural Resolution

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Secondary Infertility- Natural Resolution- Hilpisch Upper Cervical Health Centers | Twin Cities

Research Indicates Upper Neck Injury may be the cause

Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive or have a full term pregnancy after having a child without difficulty before. It is a diagnosis that has its own set of stigma.

Sadly, couples with secondary infertility tend to receive far less social support  from others than couples with primary infertility because the couple may already have children. But, the need for support for couples with secondary infertility should not be ignored.

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research/ Natural Infertility Resolution

In September of 2016 , Dr. John Stenberg D.C. and myself, John Hilpisch D.C. published a CASE SERIES which indicates that injury to the upper cervical spine may be one of the underlying causes of infertility. Two female patients, ages 28 and 37 entered into our clinic with fertility problems. The first woman suffered from primary infertility and the other from secondary infertility (inability to conceive or have a full term pregnancy after having children). (1)  Their histories both involved whiplash type injuries. Whiplash predisposes individuals to upper cervical subluxation (misalignment of C-1 atlas or C-2 axis) which can interfere with normal nervous system function. (2.3)   Following a course of Blair Upper Cervical Care both women were able to conceive. Each had been unable to conceive and tried multiple medical procedures to enhance fertility.

We know that Upper Cervical (neck) misalignments can cause dysfunction throughout the body. Several theories exist as to how upper neck misalignments affect health.(2,3) It is possible that interference’s at the brain-stem level can cause hormone level s to become imbalanced and an overall decrease in health. The inability to have kids or miscarriage can be nature’s way of indicating there is not enough health in the body to bring a child to normal maturation. Once the upper neck misalignment is removed the body is able to function better. Health results from a normal brain to body function. While Blair Upper Cervical Care is NOT a cure all. It has been highly successful in a plethora of chronic health conditions when all else has failed.



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