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Professional Athletes Benefit From Blair Upper Cervical Care

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Professional Athletes Benefit From Blair Upper Cervical Care- Twin Cities

Almost every professional sports team uses the services of a standard chiropractor including; football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and the U.S. Olympic teams.  The athletes in large part seek the help of chiropractic for treatment of an injury. This type of chiropractic typically includes manual adjustments to the spine and pelvis. And while this is many times helpful in offering relief, this approach does not provide the best benefits of chiropractic. There is a different chiropractic approach. It is known as Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Precision
  • Flexibility
  • Explosiveness
  • Reaction Time
  • Recovery

Every athlete in every sport is looking for a way to maximize these qualities. What if there was a way, with one simple addition to your training regime to improve all of these attributes? Every time a muscle contracts, an impulse from the brain sends instructions down a motor neuron and the muscle fires. It happens in a Nano second. Nerve signals become delayed when there is mechanical pressure on the nerve. The spine consists of 24 individual vertebrae. The lower 22 bones of the spine have joints that are formed vertically and this forms a locking mechanism that prevents the bone from moving onto the adjacent nerve. The top two bones in the cervical spine (neck) have more horizontal joints, and this is why the head can move in so many directions. These joints do not have the same locking mechanism so are highly susceptible to misaligning. When misaligned, the bone pushes directly on to brainstem. These tiny misalignments, known as subluxations, delay and distort the nerve messages being sent out to the muscles, joints, blood vessels and organs.

Professional Athletes Benefit From Blair Upper Cervical Care –Twin Cites

Never Reaching Full Potential

All the abilities that an athlete has to perform are traced back to the central nervous system. Power, strength, balance, coordination, reaction time, flexibility, self-awareness and proprioception all can be positively affected if the upper neck is in the right alignment. All the practice and training that the athlete performs can never push them to their full potential if their nerves have interference from the misalignment. For the purpose of keeping this article brief, below are areas where athletes are affected by an upper cervical misalignment.


When the top bone misaligns, the head will tilt. The brain will always try to keep the eyes even with the horizon. This phenomenon will force one shoulder down, and the hip on the same side will pull up. The entire spine tightens. The shoulders are un-level as are the hips. The knees, feet and ankles have uneven pressure.  One side of the body’s muscles become contracted and tight while the opposite group is stretched. Pitchers and quarterbacks have an incredible time with this in both their release point and landing. This affects the accuracy of both the hockey and basketball shot. For a golfer to have ease of motion through their back swing and fore swing, they must have body balance. When the muscles are constantly in a state of imbalance, it is common for muscle pulls in the shoulder, back, obliques, calves, and hamstrings. If the neck alignment is not corrected, no amount of stretching will relax or balance the two sides.

Professional Athletes Benefit From Blair Upper Cervical Care –Twin Cites

Nervous System Coordination

A split second decisions in athletics is usually the difference in a successful play and one that fails. Nerves travel 268 miles an hour. Imagine even the slightest detour in the nerve route from the brain to a particular body part. Because the C1 (atlas) vertebra moves more freely, sport traumas, jar the atlas and the inner ring of the bone squeeze into the nerve fibers heading out to the body. Some recent nerve conduction test suggests the nerve can be delayed by up to 60% when there is only a slight amount of pressure. Reaction timing, coordination and explosiveness all become affected with the upper cervical misalignment. When a batter has milliseconds to discern between a fastball and a change-up, this type of delay can be the difference between a great or average hitter. Consider the impact on a NASCAR driver’s reaction time if they have even the slightest delay.

Brain Function

The number one sports injury that most Upper Cervical doctors see is post-concussion syndrome and head injuries. It’s become such a big topic. In June of 2015, the NFL did a cadaver study on 111 ex-NFL player brains. 99%, 110 of the 111 brains had evidence of CTE. CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) was the topic of that movie with Will Smith, Concussion. Head injuries have become such a big deal not just in football, but in soccer and gymnastics, wrestling and hockey.

There is really no medical treatment for a concussion, other than rest the patient.  An athlete cannot injure the head without injuring the neck. It is just impossible because they are connected. When there is a biomechanical misalignment or subluxation of the first bone in the neck, Upper Cervical chiropractors have documented MRI studies to show that it interferes with the flow of cerebral spinal fluid to and from the brain.

The cerebrospinal fluid supplies nutrients to the brain as well as removes toxins. The beating of the heart helps to move the fluid. Without movement, proteins in the fluid leak into the gray matter and can start to affect the brain tissue. That is a proposed mechanism for CTE and concussions. An example would be ex-NFL athlete Jim McMahon, who was interviewed on ESPN. He is suffering with bad migraines, sharp pain behind his eyes, forgetfulness, depression, and early onset dementia. It was not until he got under upper cervical care that those feelings and those symptoms started to diminish. They have pre- and post-MRI studies on Jim McMahon showing that after his upper cervical care, the flow of cerebral spinal fluid was restored.

Buildup of cerebrospinal fluid affects the frontal lobe of the brain. This will affect sound sleep, focus, concentration, energy levels and moods; all of which is vital for peak athletic performance.

 Professional Athletes Benefit From Blair Upper Cervical Care –Twin Cites

Blair Upper Cervical Technique


Blair Upper Cervical Care is a specific form of chiropractic that analyzes and corrects the alignment problem in the upper neck. With the use of an x-ray analysis that is unlike any other system in the medical community, each patient will receive corrections, specific to their own anatomy. By correcting the position of the atlas the nerve interference is removed. The brain is allowed to re-balance the spinal muscles and normal movement and position in the entire body is restored. With proper alignment joint restriction is eliminated. In addition to correcting the structure, Upper Cervical Care helps other vital components for the serious athlete, including; enhanced cardiovascular function, breaking through plateaus and enhanced recovery times. Rather than waiting until there is an injury, every athlete should be getting their upper neck checked while they are playing their sport.

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