Our Patients Speak

“My son referred me to Dr. Hilpisch. I had never been to see a chiropractor before. I thought chiropractic was a never ending money hole with no benefits. In the last 3 months since starting my upper cervical care, I no longer have my headaches, my hip pain is gone, I have more energy and I generally feel better. I guess I started with the best type of chiropractic."

Diane 56 ... Arden Hills, MN

“I had been getting chiropractic care for over 50 years. I suffered from low back pain due to several bulging discs. I also tried steroid injections. I started my care with Dr. Hilpisch this summer. Quite frankly, I didn’t feel any changes during the first 2 months and in fact, I felt worse some of the time. I questioned how working on only my neck was going to help my problem. I had been referred by a family member who had wonderful results, so I stuck it out. After 3 months of care, I have less back pain, more flexibility and my energy levels are better. I especially appreciate the explanations I get describing exactly what’s going on during treatments. I also like the relaxation after the adjustment.”

Kathy 73 ... Roseville, MN

“I had treated with 4 different chiropractors, a physical therapist and a roelffer, over a 2 1/2 year period before seeing Dr. Hilpisch. My low back, leg muscles, and hip hurt. I hurt when I sat, and felt crooked. I was forced to give up running. I read a lot of things about the Blair technique that interested me, such as the possibly helping my allergies and asthma. After 3 months my body has realigned itself. I have started running again and am not in pain. I have more range of motion in my neck, and I don’t need or want medication. Everyone at the office is friendly, and the appointments are easy to make the times work into my schedule."

Julie 37 ... Maplewood, MN

“I was having lower back pain, trouble looking right, a lot of sinus infections, headaches, and constipation. A co-worker had told me about Dr. Hilpisch, I didn’t think that I would be someone who needed chiropractic, but even after the first time I came, I could tell that I really liked this type of care. Since being under care, I have more energy, am happier, sleeping better, and having regular bowels. I am impressed with how friendly and caring everyone is at the office, and how I feel when I leave."

Natalie 24 ... Burnsville, MN

“Both of our children were born in Sept. By mid-July of the first pregnancy water retention made my ankles look like tree trunks and my arms were numb to my elbows from carpal tunnel. During my second pregnancy, I wore my wedding ring until the end of Aug, and had no carpal tunnel! My first labor was induced and lasted 23 hours, 5 hours of pushing and suction was used to get our son out. The second labor was quite different, 6 hours of labor, 4 pushes and our daughter was out! I feel my 2 years of Chiropractic care made the difference! Your work is truly a gift, Thank you Dr. Hilpisch."

Jennifer 35 ... Oakdale, MN

“I had neck and back pain nearly 24 hours a day. My feet ached all the time, and my hip and knees were killing me. The doctors had me on Metformin and Noval for my diabetes, Lipitor, and Lopid for high cholesterol and Lisinopril and HTZ for high blood pressure. I couldn’t sleep. After beginning with Dr. Hilpisch 12 months ago, I slowly began to feel positive changes. Little by little all my problems started to improve. After 8 months of care, I decided to eliminate my meds. I monitored my blood sugar levels closely. After being off the meds for 3 months I saw my MD for my annual physical. He was upset that I was off my meds. He took blood and demanded I see him the next day to go over which drugs he would put me back on. The next day he came into the room with my chart and told me, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it’s working. Your numbers are normal.’ I still have a way to go before I am perfect but, I am completely satisfied with my care.”

Mike 57 ... Stillwater, MN

“After suffering from neck pain & frequent migraine headaches for 20 yrs, finding Dr. Hilpisch was an answer to prayer. I had tried traditional chiropractic, PT, yoga, dietary changes, supplements & multiple medications without improvement. After my first adjustment, I felt an immediate difference. A headache went away and my neck felt better than in decades. I feel like I have been given a new life with less pain and more joy! Thank You, Dr. Hilpisch!”

Beth, 39 ... Plymouth, MN

“I’m getting my life back.” For 13 years I suffered from a debilitating affliction known as Trigeminal Neuralgia. The best way I can explain it is the feeling you get when you are holding an electric fence and you pour water on it. The pain is on my face. I lived on a recipe of potent pain killers. I had to hold my self up in my room and I couldn’t move. Over the last 19 months of care with Dr. Hilpisch, I have less severe attacks and they are different. I have been able to eliminate much of the drugs. I have more energy, and I get out and do more. I know if I’d gotten under the Blair Technique sooner the healing process would have been quicker."

Bonnie, 53 ... Menomomie, WI

“I began care with Dr. Hilpisch essentially to improve my overall wellness. I received a wonderful surprise as a result of my care. We had 5 children before starting. During those pregnancies, I would develop horrible morning sickness, which would include vomiting all morning and nausea that would last throughout the day. When we became pregnant for the 6th time, now under Dr. Hilpisch’s care, the morning sickness was almost non-existent in comparison. When my due date came and the past, my obstetrician wanted to induce labor. I decided to let nature takes its course and when my contractions started and we went to the hospital, I delivered Cecelia in 45 minutes, by far the fastest and easiest of all of our 6 children. Our entire family enjoys the benefits.”

Bridget 37 ... Stillwater, MN

“For many years I have suffered from nerve inflammation that resulted in intense pain and tremors. I had a general feeling of anxiety and loss of control. I felt like I was losing my mind. Since I began receiving my Blair adjustments in January, I feel more stable and less shaky. I have less pain and I am at peace knowing that there is a solution to my problem. I really appreciate the simplicity of the adjustments and how the office runs like a precision time piece. Thanks for your positive attitudes.”

Joyce 79, ... Mendota Hghts, MN

“I was referred to Dr. Hilpisch by my son. I suffered from 3-4 migraines every week. These started when I was in high school. I would lose entire weekends lying in bed. I had seen a neurologist and was on 3 headache medications. None of it was getting to the cause of the problem. Through my 1st year of care, I have no back pain, fewer sinus infections with the headaches are far less severe. I feel 100% better. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself.”

Roxanne 50, ... Oakdale, MN

"I was in for my monthly check up and the light finally came on. I am better and my adjustments that you make, only when necessary, have made a difference. It really dawned on me while I was at my Yoga class. I am nearing one year under your care and I am sorry to say it has taken so long to write and thank you. I am more flexible and in less pain than I was and that is a direct result of the Blair Technique and you."

Kris, 54 ... Stillwater, MN

"I came to Dr. Hilpisch with constant head and neck aches. I was on heavy medications. I didn’t know much about the Blair Technique but someone I trusted suggested it. My results have been excellent. My headaches are almost completely gone and I am off the meds. My neck is much better. The other pleasant result is that I do not require as much sleep and can get more done each day."

Denise 51 ... Stillwater
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