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Hip Pain May be Caused By a Neck Misalignment

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Hip Pain May be Caused By a Neck Misalignment

The hip bone is connected to the neck bone, as the song goes. Well not exactly connected but mounting physical data has provided a direct link to the two areas. The top of the neck, or the upper cervical spine, surrounds and protects the portion of the spinal cord that controls all the involuntary muscles of the spine. These muscles are the type that help move the spine and more importantly hold the vertebrae and pelvis in their natural position.  The top bone is known as the atlas and the second bone is known as the axis. These bones have flatter joints than the rest of vertebrae and this allows the head to swivel on the spine. These flat joint surfaces leave this area of the spine most vulnerable to misalignment. Physical trauma such as auto accidents, heavy lifting, slips and falls, sport collisions and traumatic births are just a few events that can misalign the atlas and axis. When these bones misalign, they move into the area reserved for the vital nerve tracts that carry information to the involuntary muscles in the rest of the spine. Simply stated, when the neck misaligns the rest of the spine compensates.


Your Hip Pain May be Cause By a Neck Misalignment


Hip-Hip Too High

The thing about gravity is that it always works. Whenever you are sitting, standing or running, while the spine is misaligned, the joints are under stress. Stress on the joints causes restriction, irritation and swelling. The muscles go into chronic spasm. All of this of course causes pain. To compound the wear and tear on the joints, when the atlas bone misaligns the head tilts to one side or the other. To keep the eyes even with the horizon, a reflex in the middle ear will level the eyes. This further distorts the body’s posture. The atlas tilts the head to the side, then the reflex straightens the eyes, the shoulder on one side is forced down. To counter balance that weight shift, the brain will pull the hip and pelvis up on that same side.


Sacroiliac, Lower Lumbar or Hip Joint Pain

There are three common sources for pain that are described as hip pain. The large joint that is formed by the sacrum and the illium bone S.I. joint, is usually pain near the top of the buttocks. The last joint in the spine lumbosacral joint, is usually felt at the very lowest part of the spine. Hip joint pain quite often is felt in the groin area.

Your Hip Pain May Be Caused by a Neck Misalignment


Correcting the Cause

Blair Upper Cervical Care is a specific form of chiropractic that analyzes and corrects the alignment problem in the upper neck. Once the atlas is in the right position, the nerve interference is removed, and the brain is allowed to balance the spinal muscles and normal movement and position is restored. With proper alignment, joint restriction is eliminated. Swelling is no longer present and the pain receptors in the joint capsule stop firing. Say good-bye to your hip pain. As with any type of physical conditions, there may be another cause for these symptoms, but eliminating nerve interference and straightening the spine and hips can only help.

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