January 24

Children and Upper Cervical Care

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Upper Cervical Care is for Everyone!

The retiree, the busy professional, and the super mom and dad. However, the ones that can benefit the most from Upper Cervical care are the ones we often overlook our children!

Children are more likely to be misaligned

Subluxations (misalignments) of the spine causing nerve pressure are devastating. These subluxations are many times caused in the birth process or falls while learning how to walk. In fact, the American Journal of Pediatrics estimates children fall 5000 times while learning how to walk! That is 5000 potential causes of subluxation, not to mention one potentially devastating event in the birth process.

What happens to a child with a subluxation? Simple. Their body, like yours or mine when subluxated, does not work right. This can lead to symptoms of trouble sleeping, spitting up, immune deficiencies, ear infections, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, or a myriad of other symptoms or conditions. If a child has a subluxation, they are not expressing the best health potential they could possibly be!

We Have the Answer!

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic does not treat these conditions in children but it is designed to detect these subluxations and gently correct them, allowing the body to function to its maximum efficiency! Bottom line, children are happier and healthier when they are experiencing proper function.

By having your children checked for neck misalignments, you may even be preventing future ill health! The earlier the subluxation is detected, the easier it is to correct. As a tree growing crooked, when young it is easy to straighten. Your child’s spine is easy to correct and straighten when young! As parents, we all want our children to have the best life possible. Upper Cervical care for your family is a huge step in that direction. Have your children checked today!

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