Meniere’s Disease | Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Meniere's disease | Twin Cities, Minnesota

(vertigo, tinnitus, ringing in the ear, hearing loss) You've been diagnosed with Meniere's disease. You have been researching and researching trying to find some sort of answers, praying there is relief out there. At this point, you would try anything or maybe you have. The ringing in your ear, the pressure that is building in your head, and that constant feeling of imbalance, nausea, and dizziness making it difficult to even stand. Days, months, or maybe years with no reprieve. A friend, family member, or your unwillingness to give up, has brought you to this life-changing information. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for. There is a solution. There is a cause for this terrible disease. Something that has helped so many with your exact same symptoms.

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Symptoms of Meniere's

Meniere’s disease affects thousands of people all over the world. It is a devastating inner ear disorder that in most cases has a gradual and unknown onset. The inner ear holds our vestibular center which is responsible for equilibrium (balance) and hearing. Consequently, those suffering from Meniere’s commonly experience episodes of vertigo, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, a feeling of ear fullness, and in some cases, hearing loss. The hearing loss may come and go or it may be permanent. The disease normally only affects one ear but in rare cases can disturb both. Some with the condition may also complain of nausea and a sense of imbalance. The medical profession has been unable to find a cure for the disease. All that has been made available for those that have been diagnosed with Meniere’s, are motion sickness and nausea drugs along with other alternative methods for symptom relief. Vestibular rehabilitation for balance issues, hearing implants, diet changes, massage, and acupuncture are among some of these suggested options.

Blair Chiropractic and Meniere's

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Those who suffer from Meniere's have an interruption in the nerve passageways that start in the upper neck and innervate the Eustachian tube. This interruption loosens the tone of the muscles that line the Eustachian tube itself and then causes these symptoms you’re experiencing.  If one or both bones of the upper neck have moved out of place, even slightly, the pressure from the misalignment can directly affect the nerve signals to the inner ear. Traumatic injuries to the neck caused by, car accidents, slips, and falls, or sports injuries are among the most common causes for the displacement of one of these bones. Dr. Michael Burcon has spent several years researching Meniere’s and has helped tremendously in shedding light on how Blair chiropractic can help those who suffer from this disease. (1)   Blair chiropractic is successful in locating these misalignments by precise Blair upper cervical x-rays and by an even more precise adjustment. (3) Three-dimensional x-rays are taken and exact angles are used to ensure the adjustment is catered to your body specifically. The pressure is released from the upper neck and the nerve communications to the inner ear are restored. This method has been proven to work on individuals with your same set of conditions with great success. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let another day go by with these devastating symptoms. We can help you get your life back. Call today!  

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