Migraine Headaches

Link Between Migraine Headaches and Back Pain

Date: Sep 7, 2021
Anyone who has to cope with the pain of migraine headaches realizes the importance of finding out what the cause may be. Interestingly, migraines are not actually categorized as headaches. They are actually a neurological disorder, with headaches being only one of the symptoms. Some things that may trigger a migraine are certain types of ...
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Get Rid of Headaches with Chiropractic Treatment

Date: May 21, 2021
Headaches cannot be ignored. They cloud your judgment and prevent you from enjoying yourself, even during a happy moment, such as your birthday party. You take a painkiller and it goes away, but only for some time. Some headaches will come back repeatedly, and you need to understand why they ...
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What is a Common Head Pain?

Date: Apr 18, 2021
Common head pain is also known as a tension headache and is the most common type of primary headache that affects over one-third of men and over one-half of women. To put this into perspective, up to 80% of the adults in the United States alone experience common head pain ...
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Combating Cluster Headaches with Upper Cervical Care

Date: Jan 11, 2018
Cluster Headaches And Upper Cervical CareA cluster period may last for several weeks or even months before giving the sufferer temporary relief during a remission period. As is common with other severe headache types, cluster headaches affect women far more often than men. The pain has been likened to a burning ...
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