Head Pain

What does MRI/CBCT scan of the cervical spine show?

Date: Dec 17, 2019
Advances in structural imaging of the spine have provided opportunities for a more accurate diagnosis in a timelier manner for patients. Although many conventional chiropractors do not use structural imaging to evaluate the spinal structures, Blair Upper Cervical Doctors routinely utilize imaging. Without seeing spinal structures on a cervical spine ...
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What is headache behind eyes?

Posted in Head Pain Health
Date: Oct 7, 2019
Can upper cervical adjustments help headache behind eyes? If you’ve ever experienced headaches behind your eye, you know how aggravating and distracting it can be. This is a common symptom of a tension headache and is experienced by millions of people worldwide ranging from children to the elderly. While headaches behind ...
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Occipital Neuralgia Can Be More Than Just A Simple Headache

Posted in Head Pain Health
Date: Jun 14, 2019
Understanding Occipital Neuralgia and What Triggers It There are many different types of headaches, and at times it can be difficult to determine what type of headache you are experiencing. This can lead to delayed or inappropriate treatment, frustration, anxiety, and increased disability over time. Occipital neuralgia is a distinct type ...
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Chiropractic treatment Left sided headaches

Posted in Head Pain
Date: Apr 1, 2019
Left-sided headaches. Millions of Americans suffer from unilateral or left-sided headaches on a routine basis. While there are many different classifications for headaches, understanding the potential risk factors and treatment options is essential for lasting relief. While many known triggers for left-sided headaches exist, one of the most common and ...
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