What does MRI/CBCT scan of the cervical spine show?

Date: Dec 17, 2019
Advances in structural imaging of the spine have provided opportunities for a more accurate diagnosis in a timelier manner for patients. Although many conventional chiropractors do not use structural imaging to evaluate the spinal structures, Blair Upper Cervical Doctors routinely utilize imaging. Without seeing spinal structures on a cervical spine ...
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Can Blair Upper Cervical Adjustment Be Dangerous?

Date: Nov 15, 2019
Many people are concerned about the safety of upper cervical adjustment when it comes to the neck. They may have seen aggressive manipulations being performed on YouTube, heard stories of adverse reactions to neck adjustments, or even been told by another healthcare provider that they should not have their neck ...
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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment

Date: Dec 27, 2017
What are you going to do?  Is it going to hurt?  Do you “pop and crack” the neck? These are typical questions asked before beginning treatment in an upper cervical chiropractor’s office. To answer these questions it is easiest to help understand what upper cervical chiropractic care is.   Chiropractors in general ...
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